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Keep on hanging [23 Oct 2006|05:50pm]

Aloha All,

I have been pretty busy lately, so the updates to the website have slowed way down again, but more are coming I promise. I think I will be looking for a new and improved way to do this blog thing, as this community isn't what I expected so we will have to see what I can come up with...but hang in there, and make sure to e-mail me any Ideas you may have.

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last day!! [16 Jul 2006|11:42pm]

hooorraaaaaay! it's the last day for Master to be gone. He'll be back in approximately 21 hours!! i simply can not contain myself. i had the hardest time sleeping last night...anticipation...and i really hope i can get some decent sleep tonight. my eye lids are heavy even as i write this. so this post will be shorter than what i usually write. yes, i can write shorter posts! believe it or not.

so i did some house cleaning today getting ready for tomorrow. not like i have a lot to clean anyway. having no furniture comes in handy sometimes.
i even had time to go out to lunch with my sister, 3 of her kids and my father. it was nice to get out and see them. my father is a trip. he's like 82 years old and just got married to a 68 yr old woman about 3 weeks ago. he wanted companionship and she just wanted to get married...his third marriage, her first. he has not yet even told neither my sister nor myself that he got married. long story, but my sister found out through his neighbors. good grief. and to top it all off, the new wife went into the hospital the night they got married and is now in a nursing home. it's a long torrid story and will spare you the details. damn it's good to be home. i was missing all the family drama!! LOL
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Save the internet & Stupid people [16 Jul 2006|10:27pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Well tomorrow is the day. I will be finishing school up tomorrow and graduating, then it's check out of here time. Run around pick up all my records, pack the last few items in my suitcase and head for the airport. I will be landing, and off the plane by 930pm or so, and then on to bigger and better things. I am hoping when slavegirl call's the movers tomorrow they say that our stuff is in. It would be great to have a real tv, and stereo....a real computer...not that my mac powerbook isn't real, but the PowerMac G5 Quad is better, and it's a full size screen. Even at 17" this one is pretty small, especially doing the kind of design work I have been doing on the Hawaiipal.org website. You get your color pallets and tool bars all open and it takes up quite a bit of screen real-estate. As I told slavegirl last night, I can see why the designers and artists like the 30" monitors. Until now I couldn't understand why anyone would need anything so large. Man, you open up Adobe Illustrator and you could use that much space easily....LOL.

So I titled my post: Save the Internet - Stupid people, and if you have made it this far you are probably wondering why I would do such a thing. Well, let's start with the stupid people part, although it is with out a doubt lesser of an issue, I realized that if I really wanted to make money writing, that this is the genre that I would never run out of subject matter on. I came to this realization actually yesterday, when I saw on CNN this woman called 911 to try and get a certain police officer back to her house to ask for a date.....he came back alright, and arrested her. She now faces up to a year in prison, and a 6,000 dollar fine. I mean how dumb do you have to be? And what's worse is we are breeding it. Although technology and free markets are the greatest, they are making it so that even the most modest income families can afford to have everything done for them....I see this more and more as I meet the young kids that are coming into the service....and there are so many of them that have NO IDEA how life really works....or how society works outside of the x-box 360 and mommies house. Ahhh well, like I said if I can just figure out how to channel this, I will have a record breaking career.....maybe my books might become big time box office hits....I mean someone had to write Dumb and Dumber (not too bad...pretty funny actually) but then they made Dumb and Dumber'er WTF were they thinking?!

Ok so the next item I wanted to talk about is one that effects all of us even more than stupidity....I know it's hard to believe that anything could effect us more, but if you like a free internet, and I am talking about free in ALL the senses of that word; FREE in that it is just there free for the taking You only need pay for the connection to it. FREE in that you can pretty much do, say, or find anything that you want on the internet. Well, there is a threat to this freedom out there that I felt compelled to mention. It's called the US government and telecommunication companies. What they are doing is trying to regulate what we look at and how fast we do it. For example, www.hawaiipal.org, being that we don't pay big bucks to a company to make us a sponsored link, would not load, or receive the same amount of bandwidth to view the site as a paid sponsor would get. This is a concept known as net-neutrality (well lack there of). AND that's where the threat is. There is a bill that has already passed through the house of representatives that will allow telecommunications companies to do exactly that....the sites and organizations that don't pay them (even though the content is there already) will not get the same fair use as the big companies that pay to be "front runners". So now it's up to the senate, and it's not looking real promising. We all need to go to savetheinternet.com sign the petition, call your senators and tell them to vote this crap down. I know all three of you that actually read this will do something....LOL. SO I tried to do my part. Find out more at that website.....or listen to a brief description of the problem by the Net Ninja at www.askaninja.com. I know other blog sites let you put video in your blog, but I don't think I can on this one...but here's a link to the vid too If I can't get it to display here : Ask A Ninja: Net Neutrality

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nothing exciting today [15 Jul 2006|09:07pm]

[ mood | restless ]

yep, nothing exciting today. i didn't even go out all day. pua slept on me most of the day and mana slept on the window ledge. they both really LOVE the window ledges. we are definitely going to have to find ledges for the winter for them to lay on and get the sun with the windows closed. i love my (our) kitties :-)

well in less than 48 hours, Master will be home...well at the airport home. hell, i'll take it!! it's going to be so nice having Him back home again. i really am not fond of when He has to go away...to school, on deployment, even on His duty days. i think the worst was when He was stuck on the ship last year after a 2 (or was it 3) month deployment and couldn't come home. He was right here, right on "land" and couldn't come home. man that really sucked. i pray we never have to go through that again. thanks Navy.

i re-did our budget which was an accomplishment for me. it was getting difficult trying to figure it all out in my tiny little brain. so plugging all the numbers into a spreadsheet and seeing all those numbers is like heaven. and it will be heaven when all those numbers turn to zeros. i figure, if stay true to the budget, we'll be debt free (not counting the cars) by mid-October. that will be NICE.
and the sooner i get a job, and a job paying me what i want to make, we'll get to those zeros even faster.

i dunno...kinda nice not having to work right now. heck, i have like 4 shirts and 2 pair of pants in my closet. it'd be sad going to work wearing the same clothes every 4 days. i also want to not be tied down to a job yet because we haven't received our furniture yet. it'd be awkward asking for a couple days off to receive the furniture shipment and get squared way. too much going on at that point to have to worry about a job too. and when you're new, you certainly don't want to have any reason to ask for a few days off. besides, i haven't gotten any real bites yet anyway. well, unless you count Brenda. she can't hire me though until she gets some grant funding to pay me. so we'll see what she turns up and when.

it just rained here..well actually it was thunder and lightning. man when it rain here, it rains. and its really rather warm right now...and it's after 9:30 pm!! guess i'll be running the ac tonight. we haven't gotten the electric bill yet. i'm rather anxious to see what it's going to be. and i'm going to assume it will be double that during the winter months. oh boy, can't wait...NOT! well at least it won't be winter like in Maine. holy crap that is COLD! i remember Virginia being 65 degrees one Christmas when i visited and 33 degrees another Christmas. there is no rhyme or reason why it fluctuates so much. well i hope this winter will be closer to 65 and not 33.

our furniture should be here next week. at least that is what i'm hoping for. the original ETA is the 17th, which is monday. i'm going to give them a call monday morning to see what the status is. i really do hope they have it. i've borrowed a recliner, a kitchen table and 2 chairs and a twin bed from my sister. i consider myself very lucky to have had family here that i can sponge off of. if we didn't have anyone, i'd still be sleeping on an airbed and eating on the floor. if we ever have to do this move thing again, Maser and i have agreed to do the main shipment first so it's all there when we get there. now that is smart.

Master tells me that Tigris is going to be doing a column on the website..like a dear abby column. how cool is that??? i already have a question for her too. going to have to wait though...i imagine Master will have to make a new button on the navbar and a page for her to post her column in first. how exciting!!! the website is really transforming into a wonderful, informative and interactive site. He really has done an amazing job! (now as long as it's all done before He gets home on Monday....i don't expect He'll have a lot of free time terribly soon *weg*

yep, i'm definitely going to run the ac tonight.....

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More stuff completed [13 Jul 2006|08:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well hello there, so you may have noticed, or you may not have, that we have some new features on the website...and I am trying to get a lot of the other stuff updated and fixed up. The new calendar is up and should be operational...and if you know of an event, or would like to post one, just submit it by clicking on the day, and filling out the form. Once I have looked it over, I will send you an e-mail telling you yea or nea, and if not then why. I promise though, this isn't a biased thing. I am being completely honest when I say that I want to put all the events on this one page. It makes explaining to people a whole lot easier, and it allows everyone that visits the site to see what kind of events the community as a whole has going on.....try it out....you're going to like it.

Another big change you may have noticed, or not.....hopefully you at least heard about it....is that we are changing from a .com (boring) to a .org (exciting) Tigris put it best... org is more fun....orgasm, orgy, ORGAN!! So anyway, please forgive any interruptions in the service while the servers all get updated and moved over to the .org side. The most noticeable set back here will be in your HawaiiPAL.com mail accounts. They have already been changed over, but the server is not letting us access the mail boxes from a mail client yet. You may however still go to the webmail side and log in there and look at your mail.Just point your browser to www.hawaiipal.com/webmail and then log in. Your username will be the part of your email addy before the at sign+hawaiipal.org ie: kevin+hawaiipal.org. Enter your password, and pick one of the three email clients the host allows us to use...Viola you have your mail again. Sorry, this hassle is only temporary.

We also need your questions....sex questions, BDSM questions, you name it. We are going to be getting an advice column tentatively called "Ask Tigris" you will hopefully email questions in and she will answer them from her personal knowledge base...or if she doesn't know there's always wikipedia...LOL. One way or the other I am sure she will get your answers for you. Look for it coming soon.

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And the Work Contiues [10 Jul 2006|06:49pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So I see we have a few new members of the community here and that's a relief...LOL. I am glad to see that at least one or two people have managed to find their way here. Now we just need to get some posting going. If you are reading this and you haven't joined the Community, just look at the navbar at the top of your window and click the link to join this community, and that's it. Then you can post to your hearts content here, add HawaiiPAL as a friend and you will get the other members posts right in your mail box.

As for web updates, I definitely didn't get nearly as far as I had hoped today, but there is still time this evening. I googled (hey did you hear? that an actual verb now...google taking over the world) PHP calendars, and I have found some amazing ones....I think I have found one that I really like that will integrate into our site with no problems, and anyone will be able to see the events and get the info on them. It will even allow others to post to our calendar, which means that I will be able to take the site to a higher level. HawaiiPAL.org is becoming an exciting entity all by itself. I would like to steer it more towards a community wide portal, rather than just a website for our group. There are several out there that probably don't agree with this, but look at the big picture: any community is better than No Community. There have been several groups/upstarts recently, and I know I feel this hurts our over all well being as a community, but growth has to start somewhere. So I will be guiding us into "setting the Example" for these other groups....many mainland groups offer discounts and free admissions if you are a member of a (what did they call it slavegirl) collateral group. The underlying message here...why can't we all just get along. Still there are others of you out there that think I am going for the world domination scheme again...not at all. Remember I am no long in charge of the group...I am just the web interface part of it.

Oh well, enough jibber-jabber, time to get some more links repaired, and maybe that witty text that I have been wanting to think of...LOL

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Welcome [09 Jul 2006|10:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Aloha. Welcome to the HawaiiPAL Live Journal Community. As you can probably tell we have a major update to our website going down, and I hope to make it ever better than before. One of the Newest, and by far most fun update is this blog community....blog one blog ALL!!!.

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